Ife-ooye Elegant Women Association

The founder of Ife Ooye Elegant Women saw a need to increase awareness and donations for the wellbeing of women in our community. Ife Ooye  was founded on the  02/10/16 under the able leadership of Mrs Temilomo Lawal(JP) and is registered as a charity organisation. 

The organisation is a non political organisation, thus individual political affiliation is not taken into account when becoming a member of the organisation. The organisation belongs to all and sundry, provided you are daughters of or married to Ile- Ife indigene. 


Our organisation was founded to create and sustain economic empowerment and social rapport for the advancement of Ife Ooye Elegant Women world wide. As a charity organisation we are set out to solve common socio-economic problems in our communities. For instance,  there are so many socio-economic challenges/ problems in our community to pick from as a Charity Organisation, such as  poverty, assisting the  widows, giving  scholarships to the indigent pupils/students, caring for the less privileged children  and caring for the Elderly.  The one the association  agreed  to look into now is taking care of the elderly with very poor background in our community. The plan is to  start from one Akodi/agbole to another after which we can implore Kabiyesi to give the group a piece of land to build  the Secretariat office complex/the Elderly People’s Home.

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